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The SoReMo initiative at Illinios Tech empowers students to enact the positive societal change they are passionate about within Illinios Tech, Chicago, and beyond.

SoReMo Fellows' projects are the cornerstone of the initiative, which supports, builds, and works to sustain Socially Responsible Modeling, Computation, and Design. 

We publish an issue each time a cohort of Fellows completes a round of projects; each project report is peer-reviewed and subject-matter-expert reviewed. The inaugural issue is planned in June 2021.


Current Issue

Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023): SoReMo Fellow projects Spring 2023
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Congratulations to the Spring 2023 class of SoReMo Fellows! Read all about the completed projects in this issue of our in-house peer-reviewed publication. 

Volume 4, no. 1 is dedicated to Spring 2023 projects. 

In this issue: 

  • Angela Petrone, Analysis of the impact of search engines and social media on decision-making
  • Deana Exline and Natalie Brown, Negative Health Impacts of Environmental Inequality
  • Md Mahmudur Rahman and Caitlin Louise Brown, An Exploration into the Necessary Transparency Needed in the Recycling Culture
Published: 2023-11-01
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